Mobile Credit Card Machines

Mobile Credit Card Machines are important to growing and having a successful small business. Just as location of a business is important to success, the type of credit card device that you have can dramatically improve your business. When choosing a machine for your business, there are three very important elements to focus on: the total cost of owning a machine, the features that are available and which machine is compatible with the mobile device you own, such as an iPhone or Android device.

Mobile credit card machines will help you increase your total sales, since most people choose to pay with debit and credit cards. To help determine which credit card machines are best for your business, start by determining the average transaction a customer will make. Then use this information to determine an average transaction fee and approval fee. You will also need to incorporate other fees into your analysis such as monthly service fees and any associated setup fees. It is cheaper to swipe a customer’s card than it is to input the number, so having a machine on hand can lower the overall costs of using mobile credit card machines.

The best part about owning mobile credit card machines is the intuitive features that are available to help create customer loyalty and retention with the simple swipe of a card. Some features include tracking and retaining customer contact information, and some mobile devices allow you to capture customer signatures, calculate sales tax and allow your customers to tip you. Although the apps for these machines are saved on the phones, the customer’s credit card information is never saved on the phone. You are also not allowed to print the actual credit card information from the mobile credit card machine.

Finally, it is very important to make sure all features are compatible with the type of mobile devices used most frequently by you and your employees. If some employees use a Blackberry or Android device, while others use iPhones, ensure that all features are available for all devices. This can help ensure the ease of use and keep the costs of ownership down for your business. With a mobile device and Wi-Fi services, your company can create a trouble-free and quality checkout experience for customers anywhere.