Mobile Card Reader

A mobile card reader has quickly taken the business world by storm. Whether you are a small business or large, there are dozens of card readers to choose from. This new form of payment gives you new ways to process credit cards or lets you process credit cards for the very first time.

A Mobile card reader is a small device that is light weight and portable. They connect to your phone through either the earphone jack or the dock connector. They allow you to process a customer’s purchase in much the same way as a traditional credit card swiper. The important difference that you can basically accept payments from anywhere and that they improve your business.

Mobile card readers provide a freedom of movement that didn’t exist before. If you are a small business owner you are anchored to the cash register, but with a mobile phone device you no longer have to always be standing by the register.  But with this device you can be on the floor, stocking merchandise or assisting other customers, and processing customer purchases on the spot. The customer doesn’t have to find the cash register because the cash register has come become your phone.

A mobile card reader makes it easier if your business delivers goods or services, too. Rather than having to bill your customer and wait for the check to come in the mail, you can process a payment immediately with your new mobile card reader.

iPhone credit card swipers are also quite affordable. You can purchase them from businesses as diverse as Amazon to Walmart. They range in price from ten dollars to several hundred. You can also get them for free if you sign up with specific companies that will also be processing your payments. Cost, availability, and ease of use, make this a good time to consider investing in an iPhone credit card swiper.